“One Flower One World, Each Blooming With Romance”
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Vitoria Wu


Vitoria Wu is a young artist and jewelry designer. Growing up in a family of jewelers, she discovered at a young age the wonderful and beautiful conversation that exists between colorful gemstones and the mysterious natural world. Through the aesthetic path of art, she has elevated her craft to new heights, infusing Chinese ink painting's delicate touch into the art of jewelry carving.

In 2012, Vitoria established the high-end art jewelry brand in Hong Kong. Since then, she has dedicated herself to the study and creation of art jewelry. She has explored the unique characteristics of different materials and blending the combination of abstract and figurative art forms in complex and exquisite crafting techniques. Her works express the natural beauty of jewelry to the fullest.

With a pure beauty inspired from the Chinese poems "drunken celestial beings, crushing white clouds" and the temperament of "I'm the only sober one among all the drunks," she romanticizes the pursuit of justice and happiness on her dream-making path.

With each step she takes, she brings to life a piece of art that is both full of vitality and romantic sentiment.

Each piece of Vitoria's jewelry exhibits her talent and passion with unparalleled elegance and sentimentality.

2022 Vitoria Wu in showroom Shenzhen