“One Flower One World, Each Blooming With Romance”
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Spring swallow

In spring, the continuous drizzle falls on the petals, and the flowers sprout tender shoots. The blooming flowers are lightly brushed by the breeze, like a passing spring swallow. This romantic encounter between spring and nature inspired Vitoria’s “Spring Swallow”. This artwork was patiently crafted and refined for 406 days. 18K gold is use for the structure whose smooth lines outline the elegance of the entire piece. The natural curvature of the petals is depicted with a realistic and dynamic beauty. At the center of the flower, the main stone is a 5.75-carat red spinel from Burma, while the enamel craft embellishes the stamen. The rose diamonds set off the delicate and transparent dewdrops under the continuous drizzle. The use of colored sapphires gradually transitioning from white to pink and deep red, together with bright inlaying techniques highlighting the natural colors of the flowers.