“One Flower One World, Each Blooming With Romance”
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OSI Vitoria is a high-end art jewelry brand established in Hong Kong in 2012. The brand's artist, Vitoria Wu, draws inspiration from nature and combines a unique romantic style with exquisite craftsmanship.

Each piece of jewelry is full of poetic and picturesque colors, with the Garden Series being a representative work that portrays the delicate fragrance of flowers carried by a light breeze, creating a serene and free-spirited melody of happiness.

The art pieces of OSI Vitoria use natural colored gemstones, along with the unique light properties of spinel and natural neon pink color, as well as titanium and carving techniques to showcase the unique artistic aesthetics of jewelry.

OSI Vitoria has a top international technical team of craftsmen who use bright setting techniques to express a unique romantic artistic style and the inner emotions evoked by natural colors.

OSI Vitoria has high-end showrooms in Dubai and Shenzhen.